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The Blizzard of 2021 – Small Moment Video

An image of Kevin, Tricia, and Logan sledding down a hill.

Below you will see a short video that I have created all about the Holle family enjoying a snow day! I completed this video in February of 2021 for my Video Editing class (as a Junior at Lincoln Lutheran)!

To start, I decided to take this project in the direction that I did to capture the event of sledding for one major reason. Immediately after hearing that we would be shooting and editing a video all about the recent blizzard, I knew that I wanted to capture some great memories! This video is packed with great laughs, happenings, and a very personal storyline. As my brother and I are getting older, great moments such as spending time sledding during a snow storm as a family are becoming rare. Therefore, I knew that I wanted to create a video that could capture memories for many years to come!

There are a couple of portions within this video that I am the proudest of. To start, I really enjoy the beginning of my piece. I like how the news reports spoke on and built suspense for the upcoming snowstorm, until actually showing the snow falling in our city. I believe that this served as a great lead into what the rest of the video would be about! Secondly, there is one distinct scene that I truly enjoy. I especially liked the scene in which it shows a wide angle shot of my dad beginning to push my mom on the sled, leading to an over the shoulder shot of him pushing her, and then finally a clip from the front of my mom showing her coming down the hill. While these were all filmed at different times, I believe that they were pieced together well to tell the whole story!

An image of Kevin, Tricia, and Logan standing on top of a snowy hill.
An image of Kevin, Tricia, and Logan standing in the distance on top of a snowy hill.

Throughout the process of making this project, I came across a couple of challenges. One of the major challenges that I encountered centered around ambient sound. There were many scenes that I wanted to use the true sound to capture the clip or show someone laughing, but the wind and snow often made the audio very jarring. In response, I had to be very cautious as to which clips would have ambient noise, so that the wind wasn’t too disruptive. Secondly, I also came across the problem of having shaky footage. While at first I viewed this as a huge dilemma, I quickly realized that this extra stress could be avoided. Instead, I had to spend a little bit of extra time cleaning up the blips and precisely editing each scene so that the shaking could be avoided!

Lastly, if I could do this project over again, there is not much that I would change! I feel that I spent a thorough amount of time both shooting and editing this video to create a very complete piece that I enjoy! I may have approached it with a couple more ideas as to ways in which I could include great close up shots, as I feel a couple more of these detailed shots could have added greater variety to my piece. In the end, though, I am very pleased with the outcome of this video, and the story that it tells!

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